Online Course Catalog:

Online Course Catalog (web): https://erasmusx.uni-foundation.eu/

  • UAH (University of Alcala): UAH-courses.pdf
  • UNINA (University of Napoli Federico II): UNINA-courses.pdf
  • TUL (Lodz University of Technology): TUL-courses.pdf
  • UL (University of Latvia): UL-courses.pdf


  • IO1:
    Platform Development: Technical Blueprint Proposal
  • IO2:
    Analysis of selected e-learning platforms and creation of guidelines
  • IO3:
    Staff Training Slides:
    Online course development tools
    Best online practices
    Best online practices (tools)
    Enhance learning experience by using interactive content (H5P)
    Collaborative knowledge in e-learning environment
  • IO4:
    Establishment of teaching methodology and evaluation
  • IO5:
    Common framework for the recognition and transfer of ECTS credits obtained by Erasmus+ mobility students for online courses offered on central platform of the ErasmusX Project



    Playing with Canva: